The Museum of Asian Art: a Zen bubble in the heart of Nice

Discover this Nice museum dedicated to Asia and its rich culture.

The Museum of Asian Art in Nice was designed by the renowned architect Kenzo Tango and aims at being a meeting place between Asian and Western cultures. The museum is situated on the lake at Parc Phoenix, which gives it the impression of floating on water.

The museum tries to unite traditional, popular, and tribal genres with more contemporary items.  The large spaces of this cultural site not only allow for the exhibition of works and objects but also to symbolically represent the purity and minimalism which are an important part of Asian culture.  Beyond the museum’s holdings, symbolism plays a large role in the building’s design.  In fact, the museum is based on the two, fundamental, geometric forms of Japanese tradition, namely the square, representing the Earth, and the circle, evoking the Sun.  Furthermore, the four squares appearing in the building’s architecture symbolize China and India and their spread to Japan and Southeast Asia.


In addition to the museum’s calming, spiritual, and symbolic aspects, temporary exhibitions are regularly organized in the basement.  There are also numerous activities such as Tai Chi on the terrace on Saturday mornings from 10:30, a tea ceremony every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 (€10 for adults, €5 for those under 16), origami workshops, and Odissi (Indian classical dance) classes.

Don’t wait to visit this special place and (re)discover the marvels of Asian culture.


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