The French Riviera (La Côte d’Azur), between glitter and Provençal landscapes, offers a pleasant climate all year round which delights its residents and tourists. The sea on one side, the mountains on the other. The French Riviera possesses exceptional panoramas and proposes numerous attractions favored by this environment.

But beyond the charm of its natural beauty, it is also steeped in culture, a cross between French, Italian and Corsican cultures. With a dominant Niçoise vein, it offers fine, tasty souvenirs as well as unforgettable visual wonders. From folkloric dance, to the local language, to gastronomy (socca, pan bagna, salade niçoise...), you will be surprised to discover this traditional culture which is rich in colors and flavors.

Finally, there are many must-see places to see along the French Riviera, such as the Promenade des Anglais, which spreads out along the Mediterranean Sea with 7.5 kilometers of sunny beaches, the Fort Carré and its protected park, or the Croisette and its Palais des Festivals and Congrès.



Welcome to University of Côte d’Azur




Created in February 2015, The University of the Côte d’Azur, the community of universities and higher education establishments in the region of the Maritime Alps demonstrates its members’ desire to develop a common and ambitious strategy for research, the transfer of knowledge and technologies and training curricula. Its ambition is to build a world-class establishment in research and innovation, and to expand its international outreach.  The University of the Côte d’Azur is presided by Jean-Marc Gambaudo. The founding member establishments of UCA are: The University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS), The Côte d’Azur Observatory (OCA) The National Institute for Computer and Automated Research (Inria) and SKEMA Business School, EDHEC Business School, The University Hospital Center of Nice (CHU) and a College of Art and Design Schools: The National Center for Musical Creation (CIRM), The Villa Arson – The National Superior School of Art, The Superior School for Audio-Visual Production (ESRA), The Sustainable Design School (SDS), The Rosella Hightower Superior School of Dance in Cannes, The National Conservatory with Regional Outreach of Nice (CNRR). In addition to the 13 UCA members, there are other partners to the initiative, through conventions, such as l’INSERM, l’INRA, l’IRD, The School of  MINES, ParisTech for its Sophia Antipolis site and EURECOM. The UCAJEDI perimeter federates all the public and private entities of higher education and research of high international notoriety and visibility present on the French Riviera.


What is UCAJEDI ?

It is the project piloted by UCA which was granted the highly selective Future Investment Program  « IDEX » (Excellence Initiative).

Preselected in April 2015 and validated in January 2016 by the international IDEX jury, the  UCAJEDI project (Joint, Excellent & Dynamic Initiative) had to respond to 3 major requirements in research, training and innovation:

The awarded project was composed thanks to a robust dynamic and true investment by the acting members in teaching and research in the territory.  Leadership from the establishments, representatives of research organizations, researchers, professor/researchers, personnel... each component had the opportunity to contribute in the elaboration of a project founded on the best scientific abilities, both academic and cultural of the ComUE.  The support of firms and municipalities also played a key role. Nearly 200 firms have pledged over one billion Euros over four years of Research and Development relating to the themes covered by the reference centers. An engagement for co-financing of upwards of 43 million Euros on IDEX projects has been identified. To render this undertaking operational and to achieve the planned actions, The University of the Côte d’Azur is endowed with strict governance exercising retrospective control, favoring initiative and reactivity.

The invested capital of nearly 58 million Euros which will be attributed to UCA will generate 14.5 million Euros per year. Therefore, over 4 years, 58 million Euros will be injected into research, training and innovation on the Côte d’Azur territory.

Concretely, UCAJEDI will allow the creation of specific funds for research and innovation, attract renowned researchers and doctoral students with high potential, create high-level degrees concentrating on the fields of expertise of each of its members, to support entrepreneurship and the creation of companies, to develop and structure partnerships with the industrial world and municipalities. 36% of IDEX financing will be dedicated to the development of research activities, 25% to the development of R&D and to the transfer of technology in partnership with the local firms and 25% to training. International attractiveness and student life will benefit from 9% of the funds

With objectives of excellence, international attractiveness and transdisciplinarity, UCA seeks to create a new internationally renowned university model, known for its innovative curricula and at the heart of the dynamics of its ecosystem.


And the Welcome Center’s role in all of that?      

The Welcome Center essentially hosts invited UCA and/or IDEX researchers and teachers. This service is dedicated to accommodations and the accompaniment of researchers and teachers in their administrative procedures and to help them integrate locally. To this aim, the Welcome Center offers invited researchers, post-doctoral students and doctoral students, housing between 20 and 64m2, from studios to two-bedroom units at very moderate rates at the Faculty Club (link to the Faculty Club section). This lodging is short-term (three months, maximum, four according to availability) to allow new arrivals the chance to get started in Nice and in the region and to calmly look for long-term housing.


The Welcome Center also organizes events with the goal of bringing scientists and their families together, allowing them to meet people and to assimilate the habits and customs of the country. Go to the meeting section