The Academy of Complex Systems launches a new call for proposals!

Two calls for proposals have been simultaneously launched. The first call co-funds three post-doctoral salaries, and the second one funds the emergence of new research or the consolidation of existing projects. You can submit your project until noon on Monday, 13 November 2017. So, hurry up!

To encourage the emergence of new research or to consolidate existing projects, the Academy simultaneously launches two new calls for proposals, split into two separate calls, both of which will close on Monday 13 November 2017 at midday: 

- First call: total funding of 80k€ including salary.

- Second call: total funding of 100k€, which does not include salary.

The first call for proposals consists of the co-funding for up to one year of the salaries of three post-doctoral researchers working on funded projects. The second call will fund any research project covering approaches or topics in any scientific discipline related to complex systems which need consumables, equipment, subcontracting and other services, travel costs (for meetings, invitations, or visits), or training costs.

Project submission for these calls are due at noon on 13 November 2017. Do not hesitate to submit a project!

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