UCAJEDI Program Directors

UCAJEDI Program Directors

Sylvie Mellet (CNRS), Research Program Director

In charge of implementing the UCAJEDI scientific policy. Most especially, the Research PD will supervise all activities developed in the five Academies of Excellence, ensuring that they follow a cohesive and relevant path of evolution. She will facilitate the building of bridges between them.

Fréderique Vidal (UNS), Training Program Director

In charge of implementing the UCAJEDI training policy. The training PD and her brief concern the development of a complete initial and continuing UCAJEDI training offer that reflects the transdisciplinarity of the Academies and the Center.

Stéphane NgoMaï (UNS), International Program Director

In charge of attractiveness abroad and UCAJEDI strategic partnership management policies. This PD’s brief will be to jointly structure the links between research, training and commercial development at the heart of a dense network of excellence players and ecosystems with an international dimension, via an ambitious strategy of alliances.

Gérard Giraudon (Inria), Innovation Program Director

In charge of implementing the UCAJEDI site and socio-economic partnerships policy. The Innovation PD’s main brief concerns contractual research, the creation of Start-ups, raising funds for research and commercialization, and structuring the territory around the three Reference Centers.