• Coordinator of Modules « Integrated Project », « Smart Mobility »
  • Associate Professor in the Department of Geography of the University Nice Sophia Antipolis



He is a civil engineer and geographer. He has worked in spatial analysis and modeling in order to improve spatial decision support systems based on cellular automata and agent-based modeling. Prior to his current position he was project manager in Geographical Information Systems projects for high quality bus rapid transit networks, he developed research on hydrological and geotechnical risk modeling and management, and he worked on new indicators for characterizing urban forms.

Currently, his research addresses generation of uncertain behavior rules for agent-based systems and integration of big data and social networks information in geosimulation. He leads the multi-disciplinary and international project TOMSA which aims to simulate and visualize future evolution of the city of Bogotá (Colombia), its transport system, densification and social organization. He participates to the creation of an international laboratory in computer science and geography for the study of fast changing cities. He also leads a project of innovative teaching with a constructivist approach in the department of Geography.