Patrick Collombat



  • 2015 : Auguste Loubatières Award
  • 2014 : GB Morgagni award
  • 2013 : Health General Foundation Award
  • 2012 : Apollinaire Bouchardat Award
  • 2010 : Career Development Award from Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (USA)


Patrick Collombat is the Director of the "Diabetes Genetics" team at the Valrose Biology Institute (iBV). His research mainly focuses on Type 1 diabetes, characterized by loss of the insulin-producing beta-cells. Using the mouse as a model, he demonstrated that the specific pancreatic cells can be forced to regenerate numerous times and be converted into insulin-producing beta-like cells, such cells being able to revert chemically-induced diabetes.

His current research focuses on the adaptation of these findings to humans through the search for new molecules inducing such regeneration processes. He thus received a total of 6 million euros from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (USA) to fund his research and 1.5 million euros from the European Research Council (ERC). He also received numerous prestigious awards, among which the 2015 Auguste Loubatières Award, the 2014 GB Morgagni award, the 2013 Health General Foundation Award, the 2012 Apollinaire Bouchardat Award, and the famous Career Development Award from Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (USA).

Recently, he stroke a major deal with the pharmaceutical company NovoNordisk (Denmark) which took a license option on his patents, signed a research contract with his team, and funded a new patent, a deal potentially worth 5 million euros (not including putative royalties).