Gilles Jacquemod


  • Professor at Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school


  • 2015 : Trophy Public Research Energy-Environment-Climate


Dr. Jacquemod has created the CoCoE project (Control of Energy Consumption), which aims to promote the emergence of new, innovative, non-intrusive, and communicating solutions for measuring, by type and usage, electric consumption in buildings. The laboratory "Electronics for Connected Objects"  is coordinating this project, working in collaboration with the Qualisto company (which is funding two doctoral students). A sensor network, funded in part by a French "Investing in the Future" program as well as by the Sophia Antipolis municipal government, has allowed the monitoring of energy consumption in the buildings of the SophiaTech campus. 


This platform is one of the building blocks of the new "Nice Sophia Antipolis Smart Campus," which is led by Dr. Jacquemod and which was officially recognized by the Ministry of Industry in July of 2015.