Gilles Lebeau



  • 2013 : ERC advanced grant Semi-Classical Analysis and Partial Differential Equations


Gilles Lebeau has been professor at the university Paris-Sud, at Ecole polytechnique, and is professor at the university Nice Sophia Antipolis since 2001. He is a member of the french "Academy of Sciences" since 2005.

The research of Gilles Lebeau are about the mathematical analysis of Partial Differential Equations. These equations come from physics sciences (acoustic, electromagnetism, geophysics, quantum mechanics ...), engineering, and more recently, biological sciences. In this area, Gilles Lebeau is an expert of the so called "semi-classical analysis", a mathematical field which started to be developed about 50 years ago.

Since 2013, Gilles Lebeau is the "principal investigator" of the ERC advanced grant Semi-Classical Analysis and Partial Differential Equations. The objective of this research funded by the European Community is to develop new tools and applications in two main directions : boundary value problems and connections between probability and semi-classical analysis. The applications cover: the analysis of non linear waves or non linear Schrodinger equations in domains, the control theory of partial differential equations, the analysis of the rate of convergence of Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm of Metropolis type, and the impact of probabilistic tools in the analysis of non linear evolution equations.