Laure Blanc-Féraud



  • 2015 : Knight of the French Legion of Honor
  • 2013 : Winner of the “Michel Montpetit – INRIA” Prize, in the mechanical and computer sciences, from the Academy of Sciences
  • 1998 : Best Paper award of the IEEE Trans. on Signal Proc. Society


Laure Blanc-Féraud is a specialist in image processing. She works on digital processing systems related to new image acquisition techniques. In particular, her work concerns “inverse problems,” in which an observed image is used as a starting point to reconstitute real objects by removing distortion and noise linked to the acquisition technique. She has proposed imaging models using a variational approach and using partial differential equations (PDEs), allowing the reconstitution of the contours of homogeneous zones (work awarded by the IEEE Signal Processing Society), as well as fine structures such as points or filaments. This approach makes it possible to obtain an accurate view of the physical information present within the data. She has interpreted these deterministic models within a stochastic framework, allowing a unification of the diverse work described in the literature and allowing an optimization of the parameters of these models.

In parallel to this theoretical work, Dr. Blanc-Féraud works directly on various applications, in particular regarding satellite and aerial imaging for Earth observation. In this area, she has contributed to the development of digital processing systems for the satellite sensors of the Cnes.

Today, her work is focused on biological imaging, to face the challenge of exploiting the enormous potential provided by the latest generation of microscopes (in vivo, 3D, dynamic imaging). To do this, she is working in close collaboration with mathematicians, biophysicists, and biologists.