Nicholas Ayache


  • Inria Research Director (Class Exceptional)
  • Team leader of ASCLEPIOS research group on biomedical image analysis and simulation
  • Chief Scientific Officer of the Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire (IHU) of Strasbourg.
  • Member of the French Academy of Sciences


  • 2014 : Grand Prize Inria - French Academy of sciences
  • 2011 : ERC (European Research Council) advanced grant for the analysis of dynamic medical images
  • 2008 : Microsoft Award for Science in Europe of the French Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society
  • 2006 : EADS Grand Prize of Information Sciences and Applications of the Academy of sciences


Since 1988, N. Ayache's research interests have been focused towards the creation of computational tools for the analysis of medical images, for image-guided therapy and surgery simulation. A central point of his research is the introduction of advanced geometrical, statistical, biophysical and functional models of the human body for the analysis and simulation of medical images.

N. Ayache is the author or editor of 12 books (including Artificial Vision for Mobile Robots (MIT-Press) and Computational Models for the Human Body (Wiley)), the author of 30 book chapters, 12 patents, and more than 400 peer-reviewed scientific publications which have received over 28,000 citations (h-index 87), according to Google Scholar (April 2015).

He's the co-founder and co-Editor in Chief of the scientific journal Medical Image Analysis (Elsevier), an Associate Editor of Transactions on Medical Imaging (IEEE), a member of the editorial board of Computer Assisted Surgery (Wiley), and Medical Imaging Technology (Japanese Society of Medical Imaging), a member of the editorial board of Siam journal on Imaging science.

During the year 2007, Nicholas Ayache was an invited research scientist at MIT, Harvard and Brigham & Women's Hospital (Boston, USA). And for the academic year 2013-2014, he was elected a professor at the Collège de France, on the Chair Informatics and digital sciences.