Stéphane Noselli


  • CNRS Research Director (Exceptional Class, DRCE CNRS) and EMBO Member
  • Founder and Director of the Institut de Biologie Valrose - Institut de Biologie Valrose (iBV)
  • Director of the LABEX SIGNALIFE
  • European Molecular Biology Organisation Member


  • 2013 : Mottart Grand Prize and ‘Great French Discoveries’ award from French Academy of Sciences
  • 2008 : Silver Medal (CNRS)
  • 2000 : ATIP Program ; EMBO Young Investigator Program (EMBO YIP)
  • 1998 : Bronze Medal (CNRS)


Stéphane NOSELLI is a CNRS Research Director (Exceptional Class, DRCE CNRS) and EMBO Member (European Molecular Biology Organization). He is the founder and Director of the Institut de Biologie Valrose (iBV) and director of the LABEX SIGNALIFE.

S. Noselli was trained at University of Toulouse where he obtained his PhD in Developmental Genetics (1992). Soon after, he started an independent group studying embryonic development and was awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal (1998) for his pioneer work on the Drosophila JNK pathway. He then moved to Harvard Medical School (1998-2000) for a sabbatical where he started to develop a new project on left-right asymmetry. In 2000, he set up a new group (ATIP; EMBO YIP) at University of Nice at the ‘institut de biologie du développement et cancer’ (IBDC). S. Noselli and his team have made several original contributions in the field of developmental biology using Drosophila as a model system. The group studies fundamental aspects of embryonic development, morphogenesis and left-right asymmetry. S. Noselli was awarded the prestigious CNRS Silver Medal for his work on left-right asymmetry (2008).

S. Noselli was Director of IBDC (2008-20011) and is the Director of the institute de Biologie Valrose (2012-). He is also the Director of the Labex SIGNALIFE (49 teams; 550 researchers; 11M€ budget), an excellence consortium gathering 49 teams from the Nice area working on signaling pathways in cell biology, development and diseases.