Pascal Barbry



  • 2014 : Prize Jean-Pierre Lecocq - French Academy of Sciences
  • 1998 : Perkins Memorial Award Laureate
  • 1993 : CNRS Bronze medal


Pascal Barbry’s early works have identified the structure of ion channels that carry sodium and chloride in epithelial tissues and established several important biochemical and regulatory properties. By showing a residual activity of deltaF508 mutant CFTR protein, responsible for most cases of cystic fibrosis, it initiated an active pharmacological screen that ultimately led to the discovery of drugs that are now used to treat some CF patients with specific mutations.

His current works deal with specific classes of non-coding RNAs, which do not encode any protein, despite important biological functions. Some specific microRNAs contribute for instance to the very peculiar differentiation of airway epithelial cells, which are covered with hundreds of motile cilia. This work is directly in line with several human lung pathologies.

His efforts have also been instrumental to develop French bioinformatics and genomics. In the early 2000, he has been the coordinator of a French transcriptome resource run by the French Genopole Network. He then contributed to set up the National Infrastructure “France Génomique”, which fosters large-scale use of high throughput sequencing. An important ongoing project explores cell interactions at the light of single cell RNA/DNA analyses.