Patrice Genevet




Patrice Genevet is 33 years old. He obtained his PhD at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in France under the direction of Prof. Jorge R. Tredicce, at “Institut Non Linéaire de Nice” on localized spatial solitons in semiconductor lasers and amplifiers. P. Genevet has valuable international experience that started with two years of post doctorate (2009-2011) followed by three years of Research Associate position (2011- 2014) at Harvard University in Prof. Capasso group. In october 2014, he joined SIMTech –Singapore Institute for Manufacturing Technologies- to work for a year as senior research scientist.

He has just been recruited by the CNRS at the "Centre de Recherche sur l'hetero-epitaxie et ses applications" as research director in September 2015. He is the recipient of the ERC Starting Grant 2015 on Functional flat optical components and applications.
P. Genevet research activities concern the boundary conditions of light at ultra-thin optical interfaces. He has developed in-depth skills in the development of micro and nano-structured materials for various applications including optics, nanophotonics, energy harvesting and biophysics. He is an expert of nanofabrication techniques including E-beam lithography, FIB, RIE etching and CVD, deposition and thin-film technology. He also worked on linear and nonlinear microscopy techniques (SERS, CARS, SRS).

P. Genevet is the author of around 45 publications in international referred journals (most prestigious: 2 in Sciences, 1 in Nature material, 1 in Nature nanotechnology), he holds 4 patents and he gave around 20 invited conferences and more than 30 contributed conferences. He has mentored several master and Ph.D. students.