Patrick le Quément


  • Designer, Strategic and Design Management
  • President of the Advisory Board the Sustainable Design School


  • 2012 : Award of Doctor of Technology Anglia Ruskin University
  • 1998 : Ordre National » of the French Legion of Honor
  • 1996 : Award of Doctor of the University of Central England
  • 1993 : Knight of the « Ordre National » of Merit
  • 1992 : French Grand Prix of Industrial Design


«Patrick le Quément of Renault was the most imaginative designer at work in the mainstream car industry in the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries. While others just designed shapes, le Quément thought in terms of entire new formats»

Extract from the book : « Design, Intelligence Made Visible » by Stephen Bayley and Terence Conran.

Patrick le Quément is an automobile designer. He worked for Ford, Volkswagen/Audi and Renault where he created the Renault Corporate Design. 

Patrick le Quément’s merit goes far beyond the creation of innovative models; the whole industrial community owes to him a clear demonstration that a design department can play a major roles in the strategy of a large company.

Outside and inside Renault, Patrick le Quément has become a reference in terms of creative management and prospective. In 2002, he was voted by his peers «European Car Designer of the Year» in special recognition for his audacious and innovative design. In the same year, the Raymond Loewy Foundation presented him with the «Lucky Strike Designer Award» in recognition for his lifetime contribution to Design. In 2004 in Madrid, he was elected by Car & Driver «Personality of the decade.» Finally in 2015 the prestigious American prize «EyesOnDesign Lifetime Design Achievement Award» was bestowed upon him, he is the first Frenchman to received this distinction.

He left Renault in November 2009 to create his own consultancy, specialized in industrial design, strategic design and design management. Since 2010 he has designed a large number of boats, his first 2 designs, the Outremer 5X catamaran and the Garcia GT54 trawler were both voted European Boats of the Year 2013, the 5X was also elected US Multihull of the Year 2014. Presently he is the exclusive designer of the prestigious naval architecture agency of VPLP.

In 2013 he co-founded together with Maurille Larivière, designer and well established pedagogue as well as Marc Van Petegem a world renowned naval architect, a higher education international design and sustainable innovation school in Nice on the French Riviera. Named «the Sustainable Design School» it is a member of the UCA, the Université Côte D’Azur since its foundation in 2015. The SDS is also a member of the international network, the Cumulus Association, which is made up of 226 design schools and universities throughout the world.

Patrick le Quément has published numerous articles on the theme of the management of innovation and creativity. He has been the subject of 2 biographies : the first published in 2000. Titled « Patrick le Quément - Renault Design » in a series called Carmen from the Italian editor Automobilia. The second in 2011, « From Ford to Renault - 40 years of design - in the footsteps of Patrick le Quément » by the publishing house E.T.A.I.