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Towards a major partnership with the Monell Chemical Senses Center

The partnership agreement signed between Université Côte d’Azur and Monell, a Philadelphia-based, world renowned research center on taste and smell, will allow the two establishments to reinforce and intensify their collaborations. This confirms the excellence of UCA in this area and its international recognition.

Publication : 29/10/2018
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The Monell Chemical Senses Center is a research institute based in Philadelphia that is more than 50 years old; it is a center known around the world in the fields of taste, smell, and their involvement in nutrition.

Our first contact was in November 2017, during a visit to Monell, when we had the chance to present Université Côte d’Azur and the UCAJEDI Excellence Initiative,” says Sylvain Antoniotti, Director of the UCAJEDI Center for Creativity and Innovation in Fragrance Sciences. These initial contacts were confirmed during a visit to UCA last February from Nancy Rawson, Associate Director of Monell, and then a visit from Robert Morgolskee, Director and President of Monell, on September 28. At that time, Morgolskee signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Jean-Christophe Martin, UCA Vice President for International Relations, in the presence of Jeanick Brisswalter, UCA Vice President for research.

Concretely, this agreement represents the first pages of a book that still has to be written,” says Antoniotti. He anticipates exchanges with Masters students, doctoral students, and post-docs spending time at the American research center.And in March 2019, a work symposium by video conference on the theme of taste and smell has been organized between researchers from Monell and UCA. The goal of the meeting is, taking a pluridisciplinary approach to the subject, to have researchers meet to develop new collaborations in all areas of expertise available within UCA,” adds Antoniotti.

Following the creation of the Center for Creativity and Innovation in Fragrance Sciences, the opening of the Msc "Management of the Flavor and Fragrances Industry", and the labeling of the “Flavors and fragrances” professions and qualifications campus, this partnership will allow UCA to reinforce its research and innovation profile in the area of flavors and fragrances and enhance its international visibility and impact.

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