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What are the UCA Jedi Excellence Initiative courses that will launch in September?

In September 2018, the Université Côte d'Azur will offer more than ten training programs as part of the IDEX UCAJedi. These are a new genre of educational program, designed to meet the multiple needs of their environment and to support intensive research or to contribute to economic development of the region. Erwan Paitel, Executive Director of IDEX UCAJedi Education, explains the features and operation of these new programs.

Publication : 29/01/2018
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Eleven courses (see the list below) were selected by a small committee including Jean-Marc Gambaudo, President of Université Côte d'Azur, and the 4 heads of IDEX programs, Sylvie Mellet for research, Stéphane Ngo-Mai for international, Gérard Giraudon for innovation and Frédérique Vidal and Patrick Houdayer for education. The programs will launch in September 2018 and will, for the most part, be equivalent to Bac +4 / Bac +5. An equivalence may be obtained by application for validation of a national master's degree. Most are two-year courses, but shorter formats of one year or less will also be proposed from the modules developed within these degrees. In 2018 or 2019, the Université Côte d'Azur will also launch a bachelor's degree, which will allow the integration of the international graduate school with the scientific disciplines represented by these degree programs.

"In all these courses, we allow students," explains Erwan Paitel, "to take a path leading to professionalization or to research tracks, but with an opening to the commercial world with the applied research and intellectual property, offering students expanded skills regardless of their field of study. In partnership with the Skema and Edhec schools of business and management, and with the SDS (Sustainable Design School), we want to offer scientific courses enriched by training in marketing, management and entrepreneurship that will allow students to transform their technological and scientific skills either by creating their own business or by bringing this dual competence to a company". The challenges of these IDEX programs are to contribute to the transformation of the entire Côte d'Azur region.

The ambition to build a new genre of educational programs has led to the composition of more than ten working groups that meet regularly to ensure a September 2018 launch. "It's an extraordinary job, given the very demanding specifications of these IDEX programs,” explains the operational director. “Moreover, as we have seen in the IDEX research program, transdisciplinarity is not just a word in a document. It means meeting people from different backgrounds, working with schools and different research structures who rarely collaborated before IDEX. So it's a tremendous commitment that we’re seeing from the community."

50% international students

Another characteristic of these degree programs is their internationalization: each class aims to have 50% international students. For this, the pedagogical content will be available partly face-to-face and partly by distance learning. "Innovative pedagogies will play a fundamental role in these courses" points out Erwan Paitel. "In addition, we are signing partnership agreements with foreign universities such as Laval University (Canada), UC Irvine (USA), the University of Queensland (Australia) and the Technion of Israel, and are in discussion with University of Oman and Indian universities. We are also working with the existing COMUE members, such as Skema BS, which has campuses in China, Brazil and the United States. Our enriched structure, in addition to these partnerships, will give our students a great international experience."

Training opportunities to seize

The UCAJedi IDEX training program does not operate under contract, which allows us to respond quickly to an emerging need or opportunity. New programs can and will be offered at any time: "just contact the IDEX training program management" advises Erwan Paitel.

The challenges of these IDEX degree programs are to contribute to the pedagogical transformation expected by the COMUE within the framework of the target University. They are intended to interact with all the existing education programs of the Université Côte d'Azur. "These courses will help attract the best national and international students, increase the attractiveness of our University and contribute to the emergence and excellence of new research projects, including those at the core of the IDEX", concludes Erwan Paitel.

Here is the list of the first 11 IDEX UCAJedi programs; from January, UCA news will regularly present details of each of these degree programs.

1. Biobanks and Complex Data Management
2. Quantitative Biology and Medicine
3. Management of the Flavor and Fragrance Industry
4. Data Science
5. MARRES Science, Conservation & Valorization of Marine Resources
6. ROCC Data Sciences: from Sensors to the Cloud
7. Digital Transformation and IoT Consulting
8. Smart EdTech, Co-Creativity and Digital Tools for Educational Innovation
9. High Performance Computing
10. Modelling of Neuronal and Cognitive Systems
11. BOOST-Plant Bioprotection and BioStimulation


Contact : Erwan Paitel - Executive Director, IDEX UCA Jedi Education
Photo credit A. Macarri

(Transl. by Abby Cuttriss,
UCA Office of Intl. Scientific Visibility)