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UCA Complex days

Organized by the Academy of Complex Systems, this meeting aims at bringing together people who are working on Complex Systems. It fosters exchanges between researchers from different scientific areas and will be the best place to share our work within the academic community. A large number of abstracts will be submitted for oral presentations.

11/01/2018 Le Saint Paul Hôtel - 29 boulevard Franck Pilatte - Nice
Publication : 11/01/2018
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Moreover, the Academy of Complex Systems will edit a formal conference proceedings of original papers based on each of the contributions to the conference. Mini-reviews of recent results and not necessarily original research are acceptable. Papers should be submitted in spring 2018 and will be peer-reviewed.

To participate in this event, researchers must send us an abstract of the topic they are working on before Thursday, 2 November 2017. The abstract must be intelligible, written in English, and can be on any topic within the scope of the Academy of Complex Systems.

The Academy possesses a remarkably broad spectrum of scientific activities involving complex systems from mathematical to societal models, including complex environment physics, extreme phenomena, networks in the broad sense of the term, systems biology and chemical interactions.

Creating and reinforcing links between teams from different domains ; combining existing skills in UCAJEDI in modeling and simulation of complex systems in order to place them effectively in the service of current significant societal issues and encouraging the identification of common methodological approaches and the emergence of shared study objects in transversal research topics are the main goals of the Academy of Complex Systems.