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Building the education of the XXI century by addressing public, social and economic issues.

  • 2 years / OR / Optional modules for other programs
  • 120
  • FI (initial training) /
  • FC (executive training) /
  • FP (continued training) /
  • PRO (professionalization contract)
  • Nice /
  • SKEMA, Sophia Antipolis /
  • Sophia Antipolis
  • Education
  • English


The SmartEdTech MSc addresses public, social and economic issues in a participative and creative way, to build the education of tomorrow.
We are offering a program based on the disruptive pedagogy that is made possible by digital learning.This MSc program puts smart educational technologies at the heart of its training activities in order to improve today's education for everybody and to create the education of tomorrow.


Knowledge :
Critical history of pedagogy and digital education
Analysis of the current state of knowledge in cognitive science as it is applied to education
Established tools and their use in distance learning on existing platforms
Lifelong learning: analysis of issues and solutions
Economic models for education, and emerging solutions
Standards and metadata in e-learning, associated tools, notions of the semantic web
Initiation in machine learning and algorithmic mechanisms of learning
Analysis of traces related to student’s learning
Marketing and analysis of EdTech market

Skills : Competences
Create educational multimedia resources with teachers and students
Develop interaction, creativity and adaptability in a group
Create pedagogical and interactive grain software
Create disciplinary or cross-disciplinary educational ontologies
Simulate problem resolution scenarios
Develop interfaces based on user experience
Create electronic and robotic artefacts in a fablab
Design a serious game
Design and present a MOOC
Conceive entrepreneurial solutions: projects, budget, planning
Transform a module of a pedagogical program using disruptive pedagogy
Carry out a creative project with local EdTech companies

Program and content

A threefold scientific approach:
- In computer science, students will not only master the tools, but also to acquire skills in order to develop digital technologies in education and to create the added educational value for tomorrow's content and tools. This includes working with the support of machine learning algorithms and applying them to data generated during the learning and evaluation processes.
- In educational science, students will acquire tools to precisely analyse educational innovation (with or without validation).
- In applied cognitive science, students will benefit from the latest developments in neuroscience and behavioral psychology to propose effective and human solutions.

Course calendar

Blended learning

Tuition fees

Tuition fees: 4000€ per year - The tuition fee may vary according to your residence status, namely if you are a resident of an EU country or of a country outside the EU. In addition, financial aid (need-based or merit-based scholarships) will be available to students, and other sources of funding will also be available through each training course.


Candidates from a diversity of backgrounds are welcomed to this program. Students will develop cross-disciplinary competencies with a dual goal:
- to contribute to improve today’s education and the education of tomorrow: the priority target group are teachers, trainers, tutors and other persons responsible for young people’s education.
- to train new professionals who will create diverse educational products. They must be aware not only of technical solutions, but also relate to pedagogical principles.
SmarEdTech incorporates both initial and continuous education, in public and private sectors. This program aims to help gradutes develop transversal skills, for example, to become researchers and entrepreneurs at the same time, and to create the jobs of tomorrow.

Future carreers

Project manager in e-learning
Instructional designer
Digital learning consultant
Teacher or trainer in online environments
Researcher in educational technology
Digital innovation director
Educational advisor
Your own start up
... and other future jobs for change-makers!