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The Master’s in Humanities and Creative Industries trains professionals for jobs in the digital creative industries.


The Master’s in Humanities and Creative Industries (HIC) trains students in the creation, production and marketing of creative content for new digital uses. It prepares them to work in the innovative field of creative industries, including working in teams and in project mode. They acquire rich knowledge and a mastery of digital tools.
Two tracks are offered:
  • The MAJIC track: Video games, Image, Creativity
  • The MAPIC track: Project Management for the Creative Industries


From the diversity of its courses spread over 5 major fields (Human Sciences, Culture, Creations, Technology, Business Management), the first year of the HIC master’s program allows students to move towards one of the two tracks:

The MAJIC track teaches students the objectives, risks and perspectives at each stage of video game design, from production to marketing. To enable students to master a project as it unfolds, the course links digital technologies, graphic and screenwriting, societal expression as well as economics and marketing in the fields of video games and serious games.

The MAPIC track aims to train business engineers and technology project managers in the creative digital industries. It teaches students to use modern management methods related to Information and Communication Technologies to study a creative project in its entirety, to propose a coherent plan and to lead the multicultural direction.

Program and content

The MAJIC track offers managerial, legal and technical skills over 2 years. Graduates will become efficient in the video game industry;
- by practice, i.e., the joint realization of 2 video game projects presented at the Cannes Games Festival,
- by professionalization, by means of courses from the best specialists of the video game industry in France.

The MAPIC track teaches students to use agile project management tools and multimedia tools to pilot project groups in an innovation and networking manner. PMP (Project Manager Professional) certification for the Project Management Institute (PMI) is provided in the MAPIC course.

This master's degree is part of the training offered by the “Créativité, Transformations, Emergences” Graduate School of Research (CREATES).
Courses are currently held in Cannes and Sophia-Antipolis (campus SophiaTech). From September 2020, we will benefit from the modern premises and facilities of the brand new Campus Bastide Rouge in Cannes-La Bocca including a Learning Center, technical platforms and a Creative Lab. This campus is co-located with the “Cité des Entreprises” to promote networking with the region’s business ecosystems.
This master's degree is part of the training offered by the Digital Systems for Humans Graduate School of Research (DS4H).
Once your enrolment in a Master's program has been confirmed, you can enrich your curriculum with a unique catalog of multidisciplinary courses (minor), tutorials (laboratory immersion) and individual or group projects offered by DS4H. By combining these electives each semester, you can build a customized program that meets your personal and professional goals.
In partnership with the leading digital science research laboratories of the Université Côte d'Azur, DS4H offers an innovative perspective on the digital world's professions, which breaks out of traditional academic boundaries. Students acquire the hard and soft skills that will be expected in their future career in research, higher education, Research & Development, industry and services, start-ups, etc.
Find out more about the graduate programs offered by DS4H:

Future carreers

The targeted sectors are those of Creative Industries where it is important to be able to work in project mode in teams with very different profiles.
The program prepares students for the following professions:
Project Manager, Product Manager, Assistant Producer, Game Designer, Level Designer, Marketing Manager, Transmedia Manager, Web Designer, 3D Modeler, etc.


Applications for the HIC master’s are examined by a jury whose central criterion is the coherence of the professional plan and its correspondence with the master’s program: Which orientations do you envisage and which career? What are the strengths of your training? What are you looking for when applying? Do you have experience in the creative industry? Do you have a personal project concerning this industry?
  • The MAJIC track, transversal in its teaching, recruits creative students, license-level, diversified courses.
  • The MAPIC track is open to initial training as well as to senior employees in companies or experienced managers and can be obtained after validation of prior experience (VAE).

Course calendar

Tuition fees

The registration fees for a national diploma are set each year at national level by the government. You will also have to pay a student life and campus fee (CVEC) to the CROUS prior to any registration.

Grading System