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DS4H 2019-2020 Masters kickoff: One day to bring them all!

DS4H brought together students from its five masters to mark the beginning of the academic year.

Campus SophiaTech, Sophia-Antipolis
Publication : 13/09/2019
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This September, 13th, about 180 students from 5 masters of Université Côte d'Azur gathered on SophiaTech Campus for the Digital Systems for Humans Graduate School (DS4H) 2019-2020 kickoff day.

With a judicious combination of their Major (Computer Science / Electronics / MIAGE / Digital Strategy / Digital IP & Law), minors and projects, DS4H Master students have the opportunity to customize their own curricula. Alternating plenary and group sessions, this day was made to inform and help them making the right choices.

Friendly breaks were set up to allow discussions between students from different programs and between students and professors.

Students were also encouraged to get to know each other thanks to the serious game "The Climate Collage - La Fresque du Climat" which led them to think about the complexity of cause-effect links between the different components of climate change.

Students from the DS4H Association of Doctoral And Master’ Students (ADAMS) held a stand all day long. They informed and welcomed students to become active members. Joining the association, students are encouraged to participate in the organization of future social and academical events to enhance DS4H students life. A karaoke Welcome Party in a bar in the "vieux Nice" ended up this great day.

Rentrée de la graduate school Digital System for Humans from Université Côte d'Azur on Vimeo.


Master Students: the deadline to apply to the different minors and DS4H projects is Friday, September 27th! Make your choices on