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SKEMA Entrepreneurship Contest Winners


Publication : 14/12/2018
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This Friday, December 14 saw the Finale of the SKEMA Entrepreneuship contest, organized by Bruno Cirillo (associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at SKEMA Business School) around the course which constitutes a Minor in Entrepreneurship within EUR DS4H.

The aim was to work with a local company (A Nice based data-driven company oriented on improving energy efficiency — Qualisteo) to study their technology and develop a credible business plan to expand company’s activities into new areas. The class was distributed into a number of 5-6-people teams each of them working in parallel on a different opportunity they have identified.

Every team delivered their results on this Friday in front of peers and following their evaluation 6 teams were designated as finalists.

These finalists have presented their work in front of a jury composed of SKEMA professors, a media representative and the CEO of Qualisteo.

The winning team worked on Qualisteo’s opportunities in entering the worldwide cruise ship industry. Congratulations to these three UCA students:

- Sarah ROBBINS (SKEMA MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
- Xinwei LI (SKEMA MSc Digital Business, Data Analysis and Management)
- Ziqing DU (EiT Digital)

and two exchange students: Emil SCHNOOR and Cathrine MEINERTZ.


Acknowledgements for picture and information: Zakaria Babutsidze (SKEMA)