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Master Programs

DS4H Masters curricula give students the opportunity to shape their own education profile, combining personal and skills development to closely match the requirements of their future professional career in higher education, research, R&D, industry & services, start-ups…

Each curriculum aims at training graduate students with a strong specialization degree in one of the core disciplines of DS4H (Major) and several Minors to acquire multiple skills and enrich the students profile.

The Major is the common core of teaching for both initial training and apprenticeship tracks.

In the intial training track, the Major program is complemented by multidisciplinary projects, gathering students from different disciplines on a common object of study, and tutored projects, integrating students in research laboratories or partner companies all along their graduate training. In the apprenticeship track, the Major program is complemented by in-companies immersion periods.



With DS4H Graduate school, now become the actor of your training!


Master curricula brochure Examples of individualized pathways

Master Programs


On the 4th semester, all students must complete a full-time internship:

  • within a partner company, under the supervision of a training supervisor. DS4H benefits from a constant connection with companies who regularly host students interships.

Make the best choices to give your pathway a tailor-made coloration.

Curricula examples