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Sensors & Network Devices


With UCA Department of Electronics


Mohamed Al Khalfioui, C. Belleud


Sensors classifications and concepts, connectivity, communication protocols, connected objects, programming

This teaching unit aims to provide theoretical and practical bases for the development of connected objects. The hardware and software architectures that allow collecting and processing of data will be presented. This course will be divided into two parts:

  • In a first step, the operating specificities of some sensors, their networking and different communication protocols will be studied.
  • A second part is dedicated to the programming of some sensors and their communications. Practical work will be done on basic examples and then a concrete application defined by the student who would fits in a context of "smart home", "smart city", "e-health" will be developed.

From a practical point of view, this teaching relies on different types of sensors, different types of sensors and platforms compatibles arduino and rapsberry pi.


Basics in C programming language