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Smart EdTechs: Innovation and Co-creativity


With ÉSPÉ, UCA High School of Professorship and Education


Cindy De Smet, Margarida Romero, Jorge Sanabria (U. Guadalajara, Mexico)


The “Innovation and co-creativity” course aims to develop the critical and creative competencies of the participants through a series of activities in which co-creation approaches will be developed and analysed combining both a practical and research-based perspective.

Through different case studies we will differentiate creativity from innovation and consider the different stages of these processes both in educational and industrial settings.

Creativity will be considered with a special focus on edTech approaches for helping the participants to created edtech solutions and activities that engages the learners in creative uses of technologies.

Creativity criteria and evaluation will help the participants to develop an outcome-based approach and be able to evaluate creativity in their edTech projects.


  • Creativity and innovation
  • From individual creativity to co-creativity and social creativity
  • Attitudes related to creativity: error tolerance, tolerance to ambiguity and risk taking
  • Stages and characteristics of creativity
  • Creative uses of technologies for teaching and learning
  • Evaluation of creativity

This course is organised through a Community of Learning (CoL). In this CoL we will make human and educational values explicit in order to develop an approach of learning, inquiry, action and creation of ethical knowledge. In our CoL, the core values are collaboration and mutual aid. Our main goal is to help and adopt a caring attitude towards all members of the CoL.

Selected references

  • Resnick, 2017
  • Romero, Laferrière & Power, 2016