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Technological Challenges in the IoT domain


With UCA Department of Electronics and Department of Computer Science


Jean-Yves Tigli (UCA / I3S), Francois Verdier (UCA / LEAT), Guilhem Molines (IBM), Yves Roudier (UCA / I3S)


This course mixes different topics of Electronics and Computer Science related to the development of the Internet-of-Things with both technical and societal viewpoints:

  • Distributed infrastructures for connected objects
  • Environmental issues in IoT
  • Introduction to data valorization
  • Security and privacy for IoT

It starts with an introduction to high-level infrastructures used to design connected objects and their infrastructures. It goes down to the level of the devices addressing environmental issues (power consumption, DAS, antennas). Then, it covers basic high-level solutions to exploit all the data produced by large infrastructures of connected objects. Finally, it gives the fundamental notions to understand security and privacy issues raised by IoT systems and ideas of the effort required to address those issues.