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Group Projects

Disciplinary group projects

The students have the possibility to carry out projects in their field of expertise (Major), working either autonomously or within a group from 2 to 4 students, under the direction of a project supervisor.


Multidisciplinary group projects

There are four types of multidisciplinary group projects which implie teams of students with different educational backgrounds.

  • Business Innovation Projects (DEMOLA, operated by INVENT@UCA). Students work in a co-creation process to propose innovative solutions to a real problem defined by a company or a public entity. A facilitator follows on the project and ensures the link with the company.

DEMOLA is an innovation platform operating in 14 different countries, but the Université Côte d’Azur is its first site in France. This is a program offering an innovative course whereby students work side-by-side with companies to help them solve concrete cases in multidisciplinary teams, which bring together all the members and partners of the university. Discover the cases on DEMOLA Côte d'Azur website.

  • Societal Innovation Projects (OASIS, operated by INVENT@UCA). Students work on a societal problem co-defined by the students and the supervision team.

  • Humanities & Creative Industries Projects (operated by the Master HIC). These projects offer initiation to creativity. They are jointly designed and managed by the 1st and 2nd year students. The projects are monitored by the HIC supervision team and results are presented during an innovation show.
  • Research Projects. These research projects address cross-disciplinary topics. They are supervised by the academic supervisors who proposed the subject.