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A Continuum to Virtual Reality for Streaming

About the Project

ACTIVATE is a strongly innovative project that crosses the disciplinary boundaries to bring together the network, Human Computer Interfaces (HCI) and cinema domains.

A too often overlooked aspect of VR and 360° videos is their network requirements, much higher that those of regular videos (Full HD or 4K). A startling example is the poor quality of the 360° videos streamed from major VR stores, and the fact that several applications make the content available for download, hence making the users wait several minutes and a number of them quit attempting watching the content.

ACTIVATE project team posits that this is a major hurdle in the massive distribution of VR content, and a main factor preventing the VR apps to takeover.

ACTIVATE will develop testbeds to show our approaches lower the required bandwidth and improve the user experience of the VR videos. 

Principal Investigator 

, I3S (UNS CNRS UMR 7271)

Project's partners

Sébastien AUBERT, CEO, Adastra Films

Project Duration

January 2018- December 2019 

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