Academies of Excellence

The governance of the academies will be assured by a steering committee representing the UCA members and the partners of the initiative. Each steering committee will be advised by a representative scientific committee in each scientific discipline mobilized by the academy.  The academies will have annual funding at their disposal allowing them to structure transdisciplinarity and to support the initiatives developed among themselves, in terms of training and research (operations, equipment, HR). The aspiration of the academies will be to augment the level of excellence in research by supporting innovative projects corresponding to fixed criteria by the IDEX strategic committees, who in turn are composed of recognized scientific experts, industrial decision-makers and public officials. The academies will also ensure collective work emanating from the various disciplines while organizing transdisciplinarity and creating venues for intellectual exchanges which allow for the emergence of new concepts.

  •  Decision-making Level :  the academies’ steering committees decide actions to be taken and inform the IDEX President and his cabinet.
  •  Ex post assessment:  executed by the strategic committees