The Reference Centers

The Reference Centers


The use of cutting edge scientific equipment, compliant with international standards has become in numerous disciplines an imperative condition of competitiveness on the international scale. This equipment will be localized in the transdisciplinary reference centers, on collaborative platforms, or in laboratories with shared access.  They also aim to open resources allowing  R&D projects with high added value to conclude (innovation projects, trials and tests, development of prototypes,...) even living labs, the related programs are hosted. All the scientific and technological fields are concerned by this action. The centers will have at their disposal annual financing allowing them to program the purchase of equipment and to support initiatives developed in their field, in terms of training and research (operations, equipment, HR). A General Director of the Reference Centers and three Associated Directors (one per center) will be named to maintain cohesion between the centers.


  • Decision-making level : the General Direction of the centers decides actions to be taken and informs the IDEX President and his cabinet.       
  • Ex post evaluataion:  by the strategic committees          

Pierre-Jean Barre, Steering of reference centers  

Health, Well-Being and Aging

Director : Dr. Frédéric Prate

Smart City, Risk Management, Resilience       

Director : Dr. Eric Dumetz, Assistant Director of the Mediterranean Institute of Environmental Risk and Sustainable Development (IMREDD)         

The Digital Challenge