Jan 25, 2018

April 5, 2018 | 12:00pm (noon) EST

This third, internal call for proposals of the Academy is organized in two, separate calls:

Call 1: Including salary

This call aims to support transdisciplinary and ambitious research work in the Academy’s scientific areas. Funding will be provided to 3-year projects, which include a doctoral thesis. The depth and quality of the transdisciplinary research will be considered as the major selection criterion. In particular, projects combining expertise in computer science/electronics and expertise in the humanities and social sciences (management/law/economics) and/or in art will be given priority. The application must include funding for:

  • a 3-year Ph.D. thesis,
  • travel expenses, paid internships, and purchase of equipment up to a maximum of 30 k€,
  • (Optional) an engineer or postdoctoral fellow for a maximum of one year.

The objective is to fund 4 projects with this call (corresponding to 4 thesis grants) and 320 k€ for salaries, travel expenses, and equipment.

Call 2: without salary

The purpose of this call is to fund equipment, travel, paid internships, and other necessary resources (with the exception of salaries) to carry out research projects. The requested funding should be at least 20 k€, over 1 or 2 years. The structuring aspect of the project and its international reach are the two main selection criteria for projects in this call.

The total funding available for this call is 280 k€.

A principal investigator (PI) can apply to both calls provided that the two, submitted projects are distinct and on different topics. The submitted projects in each call may or may not be based on prior, existing projects already funded by the Academy. The submitted proposal should receive approval from the head of the PI’s research unit.

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