About Academy

About Academy

Research and Education dedicated to the Digital Systems for Humans
About Academy

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The Academy "Networks, information, and Digital Society"  is one of the five UCA Academies dedicated to the Digital Systems for Humans. 10 top level labs are working together within the Academy to study new digital technologies, their uses and their acceptability. Three major ambitions are driving their work:

  • Designing and experimenting communication networks of the future, combining high performance (for example innovative wireless photonic devices) with security and energy economy. To these new types of infrastructure must be added new distributed application development programming paradigms, forthe purposes of enabling storage, consultation, indexing of big data, management of computation platforms and virtualized storage; smart content processing. These distributed virtualized applications will assume considerable importance; they are what enables the processing of massive amounts of distributed data
  • Developing UCA excellence in Digital sciences. This is fundamental know-how, not only required for understanding the structural properties of networks, for developing program and data exchange reliability and security, but also for modeling and simulating problems in the physical, biological and medical domains. A crucial topic within this ambition is the ability to extract, from large data masses – which are potentially non-structured and partial – structured information and knowledge open to semantic processing and interpreting. For these reasons, this Academy will play an important role in MSI.
  • Improving comprehension of the transformation brought about by the digitalization of society, especially the impact of technological innovation and the role of physical artifacts in this transformation as well as the impact of its use on e-learning, on society, on citizens, through challenges relating to the Law, to private life, to ethics and even to philosophy.

 The Academy is funded by Idex UCA-Jedi, a government investment programme aiming at building world-class Universities and world-class disciplines. 

Academy is running over 4 years (2016-2020) and develops actions to support research transdisciplinary projects, thematic events organisation, researchers and students mobility.