• Coordinator of Module « Digital City »
  • Business Development Executive - Energy, Utilities, Cities, Construction at IBM



Thomas Baudel is Research Director at the IBM France Lab. His current focus is on providing city planners and decision makers with tools to manage energy transition. Recently, he has been involved in the flagship OptimodLyon project, whose goal is to improve mobility by providing better information to city travelers, encouraging them to switch transportation modes when needed, and helping professional travelers to reduce their costs by optimizing their rounds taking forecast traffic into account. Prior to tackling the challenges of Sustainable Cities from an information systems perspective, he has contributed to many areas of research in interactive computer systems, starting as HCI Researcher at the LRI, University of Paris-Sud, then contributing to the development of Alias|Wavefront Maya, shifting his research interests to Information Visualization and Visual Analytics at ILOG and IBM in the 2000's, while on his spare time contributing to innovation in Computer Music.