MSc Management of the Flavor & Fragrance industry


Become a Specialist in the flavor & fragrance industry thanks to an interdisciplinary and international program that combines: sciences, management & marketing.

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CAUTION : this program is not a perfumery school or a perfumery training


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Grasse, world capital of perfumes,  hosts all aspects of the flavor and fragrance industry, such as the cultivation of aromatics and medicinal plants and the transformation and creation of fragrances and essences.

All these processes are developed in this city and its surroundings, generating more than 3000 jobs resulting directly with this industry.


Two local programs already exist in the Flavor and Fragrance field :

  • University Côte d'Azur offers the "FOQUAL" Master's (formulation, analysis, quality): an apprenticeship master
  • EDHEC Business School offers a specialization in fragrance and cosmetics in the BBA EDHEC program

As part of its IDEX education program, University Côte d'Azur offers an international Master's degree in collaboration with EDHEC Business School and ISIPCA.

This alliance is the result of the desire to set up a new and innovative international program, fully taught in English, focused on flavor and perfume in the city of Grasse.

It also shares the expertise of these three structures and the best assets in terms of education and premises to offer a training program that will meet and surpass the expectations of companies in the sector.



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Bulle maquette MSc FFOur goal: To train the next generation of flavor & fragrance professionals.


Our interdisciplinary approach aims to develop broad competencies in this very active FF field

Acquire general expertise in the flavor and fragrance industry, which offers the student a global vision of this industry through :

  • Acquire interpersonal communication and quality rules of the FF industry,
  • Manage project through the consumer trends analysis & develop a pertinent marketing strategy for a specific market from the perspectives: Marketing, Financial, Purchasing & Management,
  • Formulate aromas and flavors,
  • Gain expertise in design (retrosynthetic, structure activity relationship) and the synthesis and semi-synthesis of odorants
  • Develop your knowledge and skills in botany, extractions techniques, fractionation, technical characterization of raw material & finished products


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The strong links with companies and research laboratories are essential assets of this MSc : it allows a better integration of the student into the working world.

Through tutored projects with companies, guest speakers and two 6-months internships, students can have a global understanding of the expectations and goals of tomorrow's companies

Upon receiving our MSc Management of the flavor & fragrance industry, students are prepared to pursue their careers in the following fields within the industry : 



  • Consumer understanding
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Sales & business development
  • Operational marketing
  • Development marketing
  • Market surveys


  • Sensory evaluation
  • Research & development
  • Creation of flavors & fragrances
  • Regulation & quality

CAUTION : this program is NOT a perfumery school or a perfumer training

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Students who apply to this program must be fluent in English and have an established background (at least a bachelor degree) in one of the following disciplines :

  • Chemistry or any relevant science degree
  • Marketing or management 

Conditions of admission for SCIENCE Track

  • Students with a bachelor / BBA level in science or any relevant field and 180 validated ECTS 
  • OR be a professional with working experience in the fields of flavors & fragrances for more than 3 years
  • Interviews (all in english) : Motivation interview, chemistry test, science and technical interview 
  • Documents to provide: resume, cover letter, passport, transcripts, academic & professional reference letters

Conditions of admission for MARKETING Track

  • Students with a 4-year bachelor / BBA level in marketing, management, or marketing and 240 validated ECTS (3-year bachelor will not be accepted)
  • OR be a professional with working experience in the fields of flavors & fragrances for more than 3 years
  • For Marketing track: English level: TOEIC 815 OR IELTS 7,
  • Interviews (all in english) : Motivation interview, technical interview
  • Documents to provide: resume, cover letter, passport, transcripts, academic & professional reference letters


Funding opportunities


Some institutions offer scholarships and/or allowances for educational programs. You can check with Campus France or within your government.

Please check the website to see what opportunities are available to you. Feel free to contact us to add more information about your country if you don't find some information on the list below : 

For any information, suggestion or question, feel free

The application platform is available from December to June of each year on our platform ecandidat






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Some flats are available in the center of Grasse

Student accomodations in Nice, close to the train station

Programs for Companies

You are a company and want to offer training programs to your employees
You are an employee and would like to deepen your knowledge in one of the modules proposed in the "Management of the Flavor and Fragrance Industry" degree

Université Côte d'Azur offers the possibility to create new programs or training opportunities, according to company requirements.

We propose to work together on the creation of each program and to provide the expertise of all UCA members, thus offering the best training program for your needs.


Do not hesitate to contact us to request any further information about available modules or if you need a specific program corresponding to your needs

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 More information on the existing programs