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Engage in an interdisciplinary and international approach to combine the scientific, economic and social potentials of the Ocean





Science & Society

In a world that is finally beginning to understand the importance of the ocean to our society, it is critical that scientific, economic and societal stakeholders work together. Science seeks to better understand the relationships between marine organisms and their environment, thus facilitating the protection of the ocean by highlighting its value to society. In parallel, our understanding of the marine environment opens up new economic opportunities in the fields of aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, tourism, construction and energy.


What we offer

The M.Sc. degree in "Science, Conservation and Valorization of Marine Resources" prepares students to pursue a Ph.D., as a prelude to their future research career. They will also be able to develop conservation projects locally or internationally. Students will have the foundations to enter the private sector, where they will be able to model the marine environment, become project managers or auditors in environmental consulting firms. Finally, they can become entrepreneurs by developing the countless marine resources that they will help to protect.

The program

What is a MSc. "idex" program?

Université Côte d'Azur (UCA) was established in 2015 from the convergence of the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS) and regional private partners such as SKEMA Business School. It has been awarded the very selective "Idex" label by the government (top 10 of the French universities) the year after. In 2018, UCA opened 10 new education programs, all prioritizing international development, interdisciplinary cooperation and employability. MARRES is one such program.

The program is fully taught in English. It benefits from innovative teaching methods (reinforced interactions, rich course content, integrated projects, etc.) and the program has been developed from a skills-based approach with potential employers. Part of the curriculum is available online for increased flexibility in the case of short absences, work commitments, or if you live on the other side of the planet (however your presence will be mandatory for certain parts of the program). Students will benefit from the scientific expertise of the laboratories of the Côte d'Azur, and the environmental management approach of Skema Business School.


Our aim: open your employability

Our interdisciplinary approach, combined with empowering immersion projects, allows students to become researchers, conservation specialists, environmental consultant, or entrepreneurs. Whatever your interests, you will become the open-minded specialist that our society needs to solve current and emerging ocean issues.




To get there, we will help you to...

  • acquire high-level scientific knowledge, develop critical thinking and adopt the scientific approach in all circumstances
  • assess the current and emerging ocean-related challenges, and their possible solutions according to the level of development of the country
  • contribute to wised decision-making, through environmental quality and impact analysis, and by adapting communication to a targeted audience
  • recognize and combine scientific, economic and social potential of marine resources 


... through an interdisciplinary approach combining Science & Society

Our program offers an innovative and interdisciplinary way to understanding the interdependencies between scientific, societal and economic aspects of the ocean.



MARRES is a 2 year program. In first year, students are in "class period" from September to February and then in internship for 4 to 6 months. In second year, they are back in class from September to December, and then they conduct their end-of-study internship of 6 months from January to June. During the class period, 1 to 2 days per week are dedicated to their immersion projects with professionals (see below).


Skills & Knowledge

The MARRES program has been designed taking into account the current and emerging ocean-related issues and the evolution of the job market. Skills and knowledge have been chosen with the professionals of the sector, previous students of marine programs and potential employers both in the public and the private sectors.

In addition to the skills and knowledge, we want to equip students with certifications that can help them reaching their career objectives. Thus, we may help them financially and logistically to acquire a boat driving license, a professional diving level, a French or English proficiency test or a software certification.


Immersion projects

Our strategy: get you involved in the professional world from the start

Grouped into task forces, you will engage in projects with high scale objectives, connect with local and international professionals in science, conservation and/or entrepreneurship, according to your career objectives.

Your immersion project will be a significant part of your assessment, as well as your professional development. 


What is an immersion project?  



1| Warm-up: from your first semester with MARRES, you prepare your internship during 1 to 2 dedicated days per week where the 2nd-year-students coach you.
2| Internship: during 4 to 6 months you are 100% devoted to the project implementation thanks to preceding months of preparation.
3| Polish-up & Coach: once in 2nd-year, you have additional time to complete your objectives and to teach the skills & knowledge you have acquired to the 1st-year-students who will take over.



Become a MARRES partner

You are a professional in science, conservation and / or valorization of marine resources and you want to develop a long-term "immersion project" with our students?

Please contact us, we are developing these projects right now! 

Call for Proposals                   Contact us

Join us

Registration fees

The registration fees for non EU students are set to 4000 euros per year. Fees for French and EU students range from 300 to 4000 euros depending on the household income of the parents. Merit-based scholarships may exceptionally be allocated by the admission committee on the basis of the excellence of the student's background. Financial support may be provided for the internship's international mobility and for obtaining certifications (diving, language, boat driver licence...) on the basis of the student's project and success.


How to apply

  • Application procedures for Fall 2019 are closed. Application procedures for Fall 2020 will open in December 2019.

  • Be prepared to upload documents such as a recent picture of you, a copy of your passport, your transcripts, your english proficiency certificate (Toefl or equivalent) if not native speaker, a resume (CV), a motivation letter and 2 academic and/or professional reference letters. Results to General GRE and/or GRE Biology are facultative.
  • We will also ask you to produce a short video to introduce yourself and explore a case study associating science, conservation and/or valorization of marine resources. Tip: students are expected to be curious and open-minded, especially regarding the socio-economic implications of science.


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Too young to join MARRES?

Join the SKEMA BBA program in Science & Management of the Marine Environments


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Academic team

 The academic team is composed by researchers and professors from the UCA institutes working on the scientific, legal and economic aspects of the marine environments and organisms.

The students


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