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Grouped into task forces, students engage in projects with high scale objectives, connect with local and international professionals in science, conservation and/or entrepreneurship, according to their career objectives.


What is an immersion project?  



1| Warm-up: from the first semester, students prepare their 1st-year internship during 1 to 2 dedicated days per week where the 2nd-year-students coach them.
2| 1st year internship: during 4 to 6 months they are 100% devoted to the project implementation thanks to preceding months of preparation.
3| Polish-up & Coach: once in 2nd-year, they have additional time to complete their objectives and to teach the skills & knowledge they have acquired to the 1st-year-students who will take over.

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You are a professional in research, conservation and/or valorization of marine resources? to propose your own immersion project!


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