Develop outreach tools and methods for a local aquarium

CPIE Iles de Lérins & Pays d'Azur, Cannes (France)



  • CPIE Iles de Lerins et Pays d'Azur



Frédéric Poydenot, CPIE Iles de Lérins et Pays d'Azur



The CPIE of the Lérins and Pays d'Azur islands, headquartered in the city center of Cannes, operates in two major heritage sites: the Fort Royal on the Sainte Marguerite Island in Cannes, and the botanical garden of Villa Thuret in Antibes. Through its permanent presence on the territory of the French Riviera, the CPIE is a local resource on sustainable development, accessible to project promoters. It works for the sustainable development of its territory through two major missions: 1/ Carry out actions of awareness and education to the environment & 2/ Be a force of proposal and support the actors of the territory to design and implement their projects. It is composed by 10 employees and is leaded by a 23 head board.



CPIE offers students of the immersion project to review the museum and teaching tools of the aquarium room, called Mediterranoscope. Students will have to demonstrate innovation while respecting strict specifications due to its location on an island. They will have to develop the tools with the team of the CPIE and test it during the internship phase with the visitors. This project requires to speak French.


Universite Cote d'Azur