Develop the business model of an end-user application of ocean color satellite observation

ACRI, Sophia Antipolis






Antoine Mangin, ACRI



ACRI is a private company located in Sophia Antipolis and specialized in marine environmental studies using modelling, in situ observations and remote sensing from satellites. In particular On department of ACRI (ACRI-ST) has been involved since 1992 in definition, design and operation of  “Ocean Color” sensors through collaboration with space agencies (mainly European and French). ACRI is now deeply involved in European Copernicus program to what concern processing and provision of Ocean Color data at global scale through the Copernicus Marine Service. ACRI is divided in three main branches of activities, one dedicated to space science, one, to geo-intelligence and one in coastal civil engineering.



ACRI has led a European project about the support of the satellite observation (Earth Observation - EO) to the sectors of fisheries and aquaculture. The ultimate idea of this three-year project was to design and deploy a commercial activity/service promoting EO and other means of observations towards professional, and so to bridge the different expertise of ACRI through the setting up of a new activity. At the end of this project, innovative business model and plan have been derived and now the objective is to set up the service which however, deserve deeper analysis in terms of technical, commercial, business structuration and marketing. The objective of the immersion work proposed in the frame of MARRES will be to contribute to define and implement complementary activities to raise this service up to operations


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