Train local communities to restore coral reefs and develop blue economy

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Coral Guardian is a non-profit organisation dedicated to coral reef conservation and coastal communities empowerment for fish stocks sustainability. Their conservation methods are based on effective management of coral reefs to improve food security of coastal communities and create an economic dynamic. The main project is with the local community of Seraya Besar located 10 km from the Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia. In this area, dynamite fishing has caused tremendous damage to coral reefs. Having a direct influence on fish stocks, the tourist attraction and coastal protection. The reef rehabilitation is not an end but a means. It allows the involvement of local fishing communities to protect their natural environment. Goal 2018: 10,000 colonies transplanted and 6 jobs created. Project supported by the Daniel Jouvance Foundation.



Coral Guardian is transfering its approach to other countries and asks us to develop with them a 2-week training program exploring reef restoration for futur trainers and volunteers. Students involved in such a project will have to create and/or develop tutorials combining biological contents (coral biology, pressures, restoration methods, reef communities), socio-economic aspects (impact on fisheries, tourism, blue economy business models) and different types of media. Students may have to go to Lyon (headquarters) and in Indonesia to  understand the situation.


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