Marine Resource & Environment Law

MARCEL | #Law | #Science & Society | 4 ECTS


Laboratoire de Droit International et Européen (LADIE)
Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)


  • Lectures
  • Expert seminars
  • Interdisciplinary project "Tribunal des Océans"


This course explores what can be done or not at Sea, especially concerning the use and exploitation of marine resources.


Learning outcomes

 Students should

  • understand the french and international ocean governance and the different texts constituting the law of the sea (Montego Bay 1982, CDB 1992, Unesco 2001, BBNJ...).
  • appraise the implication of the legislation toward blue economy / blue growth related challenges (Coastal Zone Management, Protected Areas, Bioprospecting, Use of wild marine organisms in labs)



  • Jean-Christophe MARTIN (UCA, LADIE lab)
  • Julie TRIBOLO (UCA, LADIE lab)




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