Environmental Impact & Quality Assessment

EQUAL | #Environment & Data Analysis | #Science & Society | 4 ECTS



  • Lectures
  • Expert seminars


This course introduces concepts and methods used in marine ecological quality assessment and environmental impact assessment (EIA) for decision makers.


Learning outcomes

 Students should

  • design monitoring programs to analyze the quality of the environment
  • conduct environmental diagnostics / impact assessment (assess biodiversity, ecological quality & ecosystem services provided, predict impacts of new developments) 
  • weight impacts across time, comparing costs & benefits of a decision using supporting tools (legislation, GIS...). 
  • transform scientific results into recommendations for decision makers



  • Florian BREHIN (ICTP, Saint Laurent du Var)
  • Roisin NASH (GMIT, Galway, Ireland)
  • Christophe MOCQUET (UCA, SKEMA)