Fisheries Biology, Management & Conservation

FIREBAC | #Marine Biology | #Science & Society | 4 ECTS


Ecosystèmes CÔtiers Marins Et Réponses aux Stress (ECOMERS)
Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)



The course covers how ecological factors may interact with fisheries in affecting stocks at multiple spatio-temporal scales, the multitude of fishing management options presently available, the basic principles of ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM), sustainability, equity and conservation to improve management of fisheries and the social, economical, historical and cultural implications of fisheries.


Learning outcomes

Student are supposed to 

  • learn more about the biology, life history, evolution and ecology of exploited species.
  • understand population structure and dynamics of exploited populations, functioning and harvesting strategies of different fishing gears.
  • handle fishery samples in laboratory, in the field and on research/fishery vessels.
  • measure size of fish and commercial species, determine age and maturity status. 
  • handle and present quantitative data, and use the most fundamental statistical principles applied to fishery science.



  • Patrice FRANCOUR (UCA, ECOMERS lab)




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