Game Based Learning. From design to the learner experience.

The main objective of the "Game Based Learning. From design to the learner experience" course, is to develop competencies for the analysis, design, pedagogical integration and evaluation of serious games and digital game based learning activities in an educational setting.





ECTS Credits : 3

Learning objectives

The Game Based Learning course is hybrid from a pedagogical and methodological point of view. The course aims to develop a Community of Learners (CoL) between students, the professors, and external actors related to the community of interest (on serious games, learning through play and gamification present in social networks).


Course content

The course is organised in 9 main topics:

(25 hours)

  1. Introduction to Game Based Learning (GBL), serious games and gamification
  2. Can we learn through Game Based Learning ?
  3. Game design and the Game mechanics and Learning Mechanics (LMGM model)
  4. Introduction to prototyping and digital game development
  5. Game modalities, game universe and Narratives
  6. Assessment in GBL
  7. Game Creation Platforms
  8. Customization and adaptation of serious games
  9. The economic sector of digital gaming

Assessment and evaluation

Assessment of the course will take into consideration the five activities of the course. The grade on each activity will be ponderated considering the hour charge of the activity:

A 100 point scale will be used for the whole course. 

  • 0 to 30 points. Activity #1. Collaborative paper on GBL

  • 0 to 10 points. Activity #2. Identify LMGM in existing serious games.

  • 0 to 30 points. Activity #3. Prototyping a serious game (modalities, game universe, narrative, LMGM) and evaluating it. 

  • 0 to 10 points. #Activity 4. Technical guidelines for the serious game development.

0 to 20 points. #Activity 5. Business model for the serious game prototype.


Margarida Romero, UCA, INSPE (France)