Introduction to research

The main objective of the "Introduction to research”" course, is to develop a theoretical and practical understanding on research design, methodology, empirical work and publication process. The “Introduction to research” course will engage the participants is the critical evaluation of the state-of-the-art research in the fields of education and educational technologies, but also on the development of a mini-research and writing a short paper.




ECTS Credits : 3

Learning objectives

Course content

The course is organised in 7 main topics:

(approximately 30 hours)

  1. Overcoming edtech myths and introduction to research. Why research is important for education and the edtech field ?

  2. Understanding the research process and actors

  3. Research databases

  4. Reading a paper through a critical process

  5. Using reference management systems

  6. Research design and methodology

  7. Hands on research : doing a mini research and writing your (first) paper


Assessment of the course will take into consideration the five activities of the course. The grade on each activity will be ponderated considering the hour charge of the activity:

A 100 point scale will be used for the whole course. 

0 to 50 points. Activity #1 to Activity 6. Introductory activities

0 to 50 points. Activity #7. Mini-research


Margarida Romero, UCA (France)