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We welcome you every two weeks (on Thursday afternoons) at Inria Sophia Antipolis for a cup of coffee and our doctoral student seminar!

14/11/2019   :   14h15
INRIA Sophia Antipolis
Publication : 14/11/2019
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The next meeting takes place on the 14th of November (Inria Sophia Antipolis room Lagrange Gris L101)


We offer a cup of tea/coffee (at 2.15 PM) and we hope to have the chance to chat with you, as this is the opportunity to gather the community in order to exchange a little bit.

The seminar starts at 2.30 PM with a presentation by one of our doctoral students.


Cyrille Mascart (I3S) about “Discrete event simulation of point processes and application to neuronal spike trains”

Point processes are a class of mathematical objects used for modelling the random occurrence of points in a defined space. They were introduced in many fields, from earthquakes studies and genomics to finance.  They are often at the core of phenomenological studies of neuron spike trains, that are then viewed as a list of ordered time stamps.

The presentation explores different simulation algorithms for Hawkes point processes, that can be extended to various kinds of point processes. After explaining what are these objects and how they can apply as a model for neuron spike trains, we are going to take a look at the classical algorithm introduced by Y. Ogata (On Lewis' Simulation Method for Point Processes) before introducing a new exact algorithm for mutually exciting Hawkes processes that allows for the simulation of a large number of processes/neurons in a reasonable time, which we will illustrate with simulation results.

Attendance must be confirmed by e-mail at Oussama Sabri ( and/or Chloé Bourgeois ( !