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The Center of Modeling, Simulation and Interactions (MSI)

Mastering methods and tools in the modeling, simulation, structuring, and exploitation of data represents a major challenge for numerous scientific disciplines in order to meet the current and future challenges of research and innovation. It is therefore necessary to build a transversal scientific and technical approach that specifically targets the academic and business communities.

The Center of Modeling, Simulation, and Interactions (MSI) is thus a meeting place for people and ideas located at the Sophia Antipolis technology park. In addition, it intends to facilitate transdisciplinary exchanges by offering a common language to different disciplines, which is a characteristic feature of the IDEX project.

The Center of Modeling, Simulation, and Interactions offers:

  • Advanced and continuous training in modeling, simulation, and data analysis.
  • Scientific workshops bringing together different members from the Université Côte d’Azur gather to discuss modeling, simulation, data exploitation, computation, and visualization.
  • The creation of a strong partnership with local industry around modeling with connection to reference centers, particularly by the organization of special topics courses.
  • Financial support through calls for proposals to develop transdisciplinary projects between IDEX and industrial partners.

The Center of Modeling, Simulation, and Interactions is a member of the MSO (Modeling, Simulation, Optimization) network.

Visit the MSI website.