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Silvia Bottini

Holder of a master's degree in physics, Silvia obtained her Ph.D. in bioinformatics from the University of Siena (Italy) in 2014. During her Ph.D., she developed computational pipelines dedicated to the study of the bacterial transcriptome from high density chip experiments. From October 2014 to December 2018, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Mediterranean Center for Molecular Medicine (Inserm U1065) in Nice to study the regulation of gene expression mediated by miRNAs. Her main areas of expertise concern high throughput sequencing data analysis including OMICS technologies such as RNA-seq, CLIP-seq, ChIP-seq and the development of bioinformatic pipelines.

Since January 2019, Silvia Bottini is the Operational Manager of the Medical Data Laboratory (MDLab), the center of expertise in medical data processing based at the CHU in Nice.