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Center of Modeling, Simulation and Interactions

Pilot Project 2: Health and Environment

This project aims to study the connection between exposure to air pollutants, on the one hand, and the frequency of cardiac dyspnea in the SUD region (Région Sud – Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur) on the other hand, through the reconciliation of both “patient” and air pollutant databases. The “patient” database corresponds to 7.5 million Résumés de Passage aux Urgences - RPU (medical data from the French Emergency Services) of the GIP eSanté ORUPACA, collected from 47 emergency services in the SUD region between January 2012 and December 2018. During the same period, the MDLab retrieved data on the concentrations of different air pollutants with a precision of 4 km over the SUD region, made available by ATMOsud (the regional association for air quality monitoring). The MDLab aims at developing advanced statistical techniques of regression and inferential analysis, and massive data processing, in order to analyze the connection between acute cardiac dyspnea and exposure to those pollutants.

Project participants: Prof. Charles Bouveyron (Chair Inria on Data Science, UCA), Prof. Pierre Gibelin (CHU Nice), Dr. Didier Giolito (CHU Nice), Prof. Jacques Levraut (CHU Nice), Eric Monch (DRC CHU Nice), Prof. Charles Maria (ATMOsud), Christine Pintaric (DRC CHU Nice), Dominique Robin (ATMOsud).