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Office of International Scientific Visibility


The Office of International Scientific Visibility was created in 2016 after the UCA was selected for an Initiative of Excellence (IDEX) award. Our mission is to enhance, in every way possible, the international visibility of UCA researchers and of all the research-related activities taking place at our university. By spreading the word about the scientific strengths and successes of UCA research, we hope to enhance the ability of UCA to attract the best faculty, student, and staff talent from around the world, and to optimize the reputation and standing of UCA with international funding and university ranking agencies.

To accomplish these goals, the Office oversees four primary activities:

  1. Proposing an editing and translation service for the entire UCA research community, to eliminate potential language-related limitations to publication and to maximize the number and quality of publications appearing in international research journals.
  2.  Working with the UCA Communications Office to prepare research-related press releases in English, to oversee their international distribution, and to oversee interactions with international scientific journalists. 
  3. Overseeing international student outreach activities, through the presentation of UCA educational programs in English, providing expertise regarding international recruitment standards, and through participation in international student recruitment fairs and websites.
  4. Representing UCA in interactions with university rankings agencies, involving the collection and transmission of institutional data to the agencies, as well as helping UCA in its reflections and strategies to optimize our position in the various rankings.

In addition, the Office is involved in the creation and activities of the School of Second Language Studies, a new center for research and teaching that is part of the internationalization efforts of the university, in particular by overseeing English-language teaching for international students enrolled in Idex educational programs as well as for university faculty that will be increasingly called upon to teach their courses in English.

For inquiries or to submit an article for translation or editing, please contact us directly at: