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French lessons for scientist's family

Settling in a new country largely depends on learning the local language. Whether it be in professional, administrative or social interactions, knowledge of the French language is crucial for all exchanges. What’s more, many Niçois are not bilingual and it is therefore important to know the basics in order to be understood.

For the spouse

The Welcome Center has developed partnerships with two FLE (French as a Foreign Language) certified schools. They offer different learning programs at reduced prices, and the scientist's spouse can choose the program best suited to his/her needs.

Our school partners will waive registration fees and offer reduced fees for the scientist's spouse.


First partenership

Program 1: 2 workshops of your choice per week. Held the afternoon with a multinational class.


Tableau France Langue EN

Program 1 costs to € 20 per week.


Program 2: 10 lessons per week at the end of the day (schedule to be determined). This program is designed for full-time employees and costs 110 € per week.


The second partner offers a 12% discount on each course, which is listed below:

Tableau Alliance Française EN


For more information, contact the Welcome Center team.


For children


The French State provides education for all children in its territory. Learning French can therefore be achieved at school, but one can also enroll in private lessons.

The Welcome Center has an exclusive partnership with an association which provides courses in French as a Foreign Language (Français Langue Etrangère) for all children, regardless of their nationality. Tuition is 18€/hour for a course with up to three participants and 12€/hour for a course with up to four students. The groups are organized so that the level and ages are relatively similar in order to promote optimal learning. The courses are designed for children between 6 and 14 but initial language workshops are possible for the youngest children. A 20 to 30 hour module is the minimum for appreciable improvement. The sessions can take place on Wednesdays or according to a schedule preferred by the participants. Intensive classes can also be organized during school vacations. Please see the Welcome Center to register your children for these programs.


Numerous pedagogical tools  


Scientists, Ph.D. students and their spouses can also learn French using other learning materials.

  • The Language Laboratory at the Louis Nucéra Library: Reserved for members, the language laboratory features self-service audio courses. Remember to bring your own headsets as they are not provided by the library.

Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra
2 Place Yves Klein
06300 Nice
Téléphone : 04 97 13 48 00


  • MOOC "Paroles de FLE" (Français Langue Etrangère): Videos produced by French university lecturers. These courses are free and are broadcasted in increments for a period of six weeks with exercises at the end of each video.
    > Access to MOOCs

  • Additionally, the Welcome Center has formed a partnership with a leisure association in Nice which offers language aperitifs every Wednesday for you to meet other expatriates and learn French. Registration fees will be waived for individuals sent by the Welcome Center. Do not hesitate to ask us about this program.