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Learn French


For researchers, doctoral students and spouses

The Welcome Center has developed partnerships with two schools having the Qualité FLE (French as a Foreign Language) certification. These schools offer different study programs, each having attractive prices. Just choose the format which is best-suited for you.

The first partner offers free registration and access for reduced prices for partners as well.

Program 1: Two sessions a week of one’s choosing during the afternoon in an international class.

Tableau France Langue EN

Program 1 costs 20 € per week (rates 2017 for researchers with at least basic knowledge of French).

Program 2: 10 lessons per week at the end of the day (schedule to be determined).  This program is adapted to full-time employees and costs 110 € per week.


The second partner offers a 12% discount on each course, which is listed below (rates 2017):

Tableau Alliance Française EN


It’s also possible to have access to linguistic materials, conversation groups, or placement exams at the Language Resource Centers (CRL) of the University is located at the different campuses:

Carlone (Faculty of Letters): Room H228

Trotobas (Faculty of Law): Room 426

École Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Éducation - ESPE Liégeard : Room 34

St. Jean d’Angely (ISEM and IAE): IAE, Room 3B16

Valrose Campus (Faculty of Science): Petit Valrose, Room 310

Pasteur: ED 11

Plaine du Var: Room BU


Conversation sessions in French are organized every month between January and May. These meetings in small groups of six to eight people are a chance to meet other expatriates and to be more comfortable with French. Don’t hesitate to ask the CRL for information about the dates of these sessions. The CRL asks 90 € to access their resources and participate in five conversation groups.

For doctoral students: The "Service Commun en Langues (SCL)" at the university offers French classes (cours de Français Générale) as well as French language and culture classes (cours de LANGUE et CULTURE FRANÇAISES). The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) offers numerous events to meet foreign students and has established a buddy system so that a French student can adopt a foreign one.  The Each One Teach One gatherings are organized to promote cultural exchange.
See this site for more information.


For researchers: Those working at UCA, CNRS, INSERM, INRIA, or the Côte d’Azur Observatory (OCA) can take French classes for free from November until the end of April.  Foreigners working in a lab for a minimum of one year are the target group of these courses.  Sessions vary according to the different levels of French ability within the group, so that students can learn at their own pace.  Nevertheless, it is worth noting that regular attendance and industriousness are required for the classes, which are always given at the same time and place during the academic year (more information and link to register here). Please note: the deadline to register for the 2019/2020 classes was October 14th, 2019.


Contact the Welcome Center team for more information.


For Children

The French state gives all children within its borders the right to an education. Your child can therefore learn French in school, but it’s also possible to take private courses.


Learning Support


  • The language lab at the Louis Nucéra Library: For those with a library card, the language lab provides access to audio language courses for
    self-learning.  Don’t forget to take headphones since these aren’t provided by the library.


Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra
2 Place Yves Klein
06300 Nice
Telephone: 04 97 13 48 00


  • MOOC “Words of French as a Foreign Language”: This course contains learning videos hosted by university French teachers. The videos are completely free and are broadcast over the course of six weeks of instruction with exercises at the end of each video.

Click here to access the MOOC.

  • The Welcome Center also benefits from a partnership with a recreation organization in Nice, which offers language gatherings every Wednesday to meet other expatriates and to learn French. Membership is free for those sent by the Welcome Center. Don’t hesitate to contact us to profit from this benefit.